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Plumbing for washing water

I’d like to thank Craig my friend who is a plumber for his advice on writing this article. Water provide specifications for the majority of washers consist of threaded taps for both the cold and hot water pipes. These taps should be inside 5 feet from the water inlet on the rear of the washing […]

22 Aug, 2014 The Standard
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Being a Phoenix based organization, we reach out to Phoenix businesses to gather information on all types of industries. Here are just a handful of businesses that contribute to our site. If you are out in the Phoenix area, please support them! The famous carpet cleaning professionals at DYW Carpet Cleaning are also a big […]

20 Aug, 2014 The Standard

Easy cleaning BBQ grills

  Taking care of your bbq gasoline, electrical, or stand-alone gas grills which use briquettes, regardless of whether small or large, is essential. What we should purchase our gas grills, you want these to final. Meals splatters – regardless of how you are trying to avoid it. Grill oven cleaning is going to be a […]

13 Aug, 2014 The Standard